The Cay Galgon Life House recognizes that established programs might not be appropriate for all applicants. Therefore, each applicant will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The case managers will make every effort to work collaboratively with community agencies to assist pregnant and parenting young women find the program(s) that will best meet their individual's needs. Referring agencies can call to determine vacancies. Applicants should follow the following procedure.

Telephone interview: call 610-867-9546

  1. Initial assessment

  2. Determine vacancies

  3. Schedule interview

  4. Make appropriate referrals

Face-to-Face Interview

  1. Completion of application and/or admission forms

  2. Review program guidelines and expectations, so applicant can make an informed decision regarding voluntary participation in the program. (approximately 1.5 hours)

Team Meeting
Review application, referral information and interviews will take place after all documentation is received (i.e. medical forms).

Application will be notified by interviewer.