Baby Bottle Campaign Planning Kit

A Cay Galgon Life House Baby Bottle Campaign supports our mission to lovingly care for homeless moms, moms-to-be, and babies in the Lehigh Valley by providing housing, counseling, and education leading to a life of self-reliance. If your organization is interested in hosting a Baby Bottle Campaign to benefit the Cay Galgon Life House, please feel free to use the materials provided on this page to promote your event. 


How does the Baby Bottle Campaign work? It’s simple! Pick up an empty baby bottle on your start date, fill it with donations (coins, cash or checks), and return it on the collection date you designate.These bottles make a difference in the lives of needy mothers and babies in our communities. 

CGLH -BBC - Planning Form.jpg
CGLH -BBC - Poster.jpg
BBC - Launch Day Speech script.jpg